Restoring our grimy Sprayhood to former Glory

After buying our Fellowship 28, which had been left unused for years, we inherited a sprayhood covered in layers of dirt. With the sun out and spring in the air, I decided it was the perfect day to tackle this project. I spread the sprayhood out in our garden, ready to see how much elbow grease it would take to clean it up. Surprisingly, the task was less daunting than I anticipated.

Which cleaner to use and how to clean the sprayhood

I wanted to steer clear of expensive boat-specific cleaners and harsh chemicals, so I opted for a more wallet-friendly, gentle solution. I chose an all-purpose cleaner similar to Fantastik, known for being effective and suited for various surfaces. Considering the sprayhood had weathered the outdoors for several years, collecting dirt and grime, I was skeptical about how well it would work. However, I armed myself with a generous amount of cleaner and an inexpensive canvas brush for scrubbing. The dirt came off a lot easier than I expected. Check the pictures for yourself. It turned out, all that was needed was a good scrubbing with the cleaner and a rinse with water. After letting it dry out in the sun, the sprayhood’s appearance was significantly improved, looking as good as new.

A pretty budget solution, especially when comparing it to $ 30 Canvas Cleaner.

Our dirty sprayhood pre-scrub

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